mi thursday thirteen #17–13 thingz i hav learned dis week

Posted: March 22, 2007 in Uncategorized

heer it iz … 13 thingz i hav learned in da cat blogosphere dis week … (dere wuz more dan jus deez 13 thingz … but i’m limited to 13!)

1–chocolate will give me runny poopk + s
2–“if your momma is standing with her back to you, it probably isn’t a good idea to use her leg as a scratching post”precious
3–boy’z mommy haz a humongous pawboy
4–stinkey goodness, turkey flavor, can be yoozed to get a pikshur of a cat wid hiz eyez openchairman mao
6–rosie an cheeto are fer rent!rosie an cheeto
7–pounce treetz smell like play-doh … but pounce catnip flavor iz a “taste sensation”daisy mae maus
8–“hunting must always come before grooming. even if your furs are a mess”daisy da curly cat
9–fred maytag wuz frum iowa!!!da cyclone catz
10–“herzlichen gluckwunsch zum geburtstag” meenz happee birfdaydragonheart
11–hair rollerz don’t moove, make noize, or taste or smell goodlatte
12–it’z spring in noo york an autumn in west hobart, tasmania, australia … go figyer!pablo
13–droppin frum singul dijitz to dubbel dijitz in dayz iz verree disturbin!


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