happee st. patrick’z day frum o’jeter harris an hiz mom!

Posted: March 17, 2007 in Uncategorized
in honor uv st. patrick’z day mi mom lemme borrow sum uv her pikshurz frum her trip to ireland dat she took las summer. (i miself did not go!)

dis iz a pikshur uv da cliffs uv moher. it looks verree high an verree scaree. mi mom sed she wuzzen’t scared. she’z a brave purson.
dis iz da aran island. mi mom told me it’z verree rocky. dis iz a vyoo frum da horse drawn cart dat mi mom an her frendz were on. mi mom felt bad fer da horse … hoo she sed wuz verree nice.
lookit … anudder shot frum da aran island. mi mom musta liked it dere!
dis wuz on da road to a place called “dingle”. funnee name … grate place … or so sez mi mom hoo wuz vizitin dere. dat’z mist on da mountain. mi mom musta been in da valley.
can u pick owt mi mom in dis pikshur? da man wid da floot wuz laffin an laffin becuz mi mom wuz gointa kiss da donkey. i’m laffin becuz she sed she wuz “kissin a donkey in dingle.”
mi mom vizited ireland fer abowt a week. she had lottsa fun wid her frendz. she haz udder pikshurz … but i picked deze becuz i like ’em da bes!
Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Daoibh
happee st. patrick’z day to all mi grate frendz!

i jus realized dat if u biggify 3 uvda pikshurz it sez: “tour of the lucky bitches” … mi mom an her frendz met a man in a pub hoo asked wut dey did. dey told him dey were teecherz. he sed “You’re lucky bitches!” dey thought dat wuz amyoozin … an decided dat it would be a good name fer dere trip! i gess da man thought dey were lucky d-o-gz fer havin da opportunitee to take a trip to ireland!

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