frendz uv skeezix friday

Posted: March 15, 2007 in Uncategorized
da eksitement in mi mom’z skool wuz almos too much to take yesturday. on wednesday i receeved a pakaje wid sumthin speshul frum owr grate frend skeezix.

he sent a whole lotta pinz wid hiz pikshur on dem. he sed dat he luved da pikshur dat da stoodent drew uv him …
an he wuz sendin pinz fer all mi mom’z stoodentz to ware an enjoy!
he sent 3 diffrent stilez. all da stilez are grate an fabyoolus.
mi mom made da stoodentz earn dere pinz by anserin kwestchunz abowt da american revolushun. it wuz fun an edyookashunall.

at da end uv da day …sumuv mi mom’z stoodentz stood arownd da smart board ware dey rote a speshul messaje to dere grate frend skeezix da cat.
dey were happee wid dere pinz … an dey were happee to be goin home!

life iz grate!

thank u skeezix fer makin dis day fun!

luv–yer frend–o’jete


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