mellowin owt on monday

Posted: March 5, 2007 in Uncategorized

after all da eksitement uv dis weekend … i think i’ll mellow owt today. heer i am sleepin on two chairz in da kichen.

thank u all again fer all yer good wishez … i luv u all … an i’m givin u all hugz … (groop hug–laffin an laffin!)
u mightta noticed dat i hav chanjed mi name in honor uv st. patrick’z day. i am now offishullee o’ jeter harris but u can call me “o’ jete”.
if yer lissenin to myoozic rite now … it’z called short grass an it’z a irish jig. maybe yer dancin in yer seet. i know i am.
life iz grate!
luv–yer frend–o’ jete
attenshun: mi #4 spot on da top 100 cat sitez haz been taken by da followin:
sex hikayeleri
erotik hikayeler … wut iz dis? wut duz “erotik” meen? an wut’z a “hikayeler”?

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