sum final thoughtz abowt mi birfday

Posted: March 4, 2007 in Uncategorized

dis man inna dog soot iz mi idol. dis man inna dog soot iz da grate ted rheingold! i got dis autograffed pikshur frum mi grate an wunderful frend at’ fer mi birfday yesturday! it sez da followin: cats rule, dogs drool! TwnR i wuz so eksited. it wuz among da bes uv all mi birfday prezentz!

many uv u know dat mi grate an byootiful valentine an frend LL hadda big surprize partee fer me. allotta mi blogger frendz were dere! it wuz da gratest time! i wuz dere fer 4 hourz! boy were mi pawz tired! i wanna publiklee thank LL fer bein such a wunderful hostess to all mi frendz an such a wunderful frend to me!

i wuz treeted to a delishus servin uv tuna juice in a crystal, heart shaped bowl. lookit da wooden catz watchin az i wuz enjoyin dis tasty treet!

on mi birfday … an evree day …

life iz grate!

luv–yer frend–jh


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