fun friday

Posted: March 2, 2007 in Uncategorized

dis iz wut i call a catnip sausaje. it iz verree eksellent … filled wid grate catnip an a eksellent turn-on.

dis iz a bag uv primo-nip … direct frum da grate state uv cal-i-for-ni-a. i coulden’t wate to get at it. i ripped thru da plastic bag an went wild!

an … las but not lees …
heer i am enjoyin a catnip stogey … a cigar dat’z jus grater dan grate.

deez ar jus sum uv da fabyoolus itemz i receeved in da mail fer mi upcomin birfday. i am luvin evreethin … an i am espeshullee luvin mi grate frendz hoo sent me deez giftz!

i’m a luckee tabby!

life iz grate.
luv–yer frend–jh

ps–it wuz brot to mi attenshun dat i kwoted da followin twice yesterday in mi TT: “you’re in pretty good shape for the shape you are in.”
dis would diskwalify mi TT … so to make up fer it … heer’z anudder kwote frum da grate dr. seuss, hizself: unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. it’s not.”

HAPPEE BIRFDAY TG … aka dr. seuss!

attenshun: in honor uv mi third birfday … i hav adopted a virchooall squillion named “laffin” (!) pleez vyoo it on mi paje! i’m verree eksited! thank u sanjee!

i thought it wuz kinda funnee wen i got dis p-mail on da catster:
no offence but could you write normally? its kinda annoying trying to read that stuff… sorry if this sounded mean. i rote back to da frend hoo sent me dat … an i diden’t say anythin abowt da spellin! i never meen to offend anycat … i jus wanna hav sum fun!


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