mi thursday thirteen … a response to da grate skeezix da cat

Posted: February 22, 2007 in lame attempt at tt ...

i wuz laffin an laffin wen i red da thursday 13 posted by owr grate frend skeezix da cat. i am too lazee today to be more creativ … so i am reespondin to skeezix’z list:

1–wut’z feringi?
2–big butt … u skeez hav da eggsakt opposit uv a big butt!
3–iz yer mom hot?
4–anudder poop reference
5–do u yoozuallee take gravee wid yer videeyo?
6–mao would like to discuss dis wid u
7–goez wid #2 (#2???? now i’m laffin an laffin!)
8–saussahj … rhymez wid massaje (duhr)
9–i hav seen eerz on kimo’z blog but not on yerz
10–again wid da poop
11–dis yeer i will be celebratin mi terd birfday
12–i’m a yankee— so’z yer daddy?
13–straight jacket … wut’z a straight jacket … an hoo needz it?


ps–i’m sorree

i hosted a big surprize partee fer mi bes frend reeb an his brudder nike in da catster forumz today. if u wanna take a look … pleez do. da grate ted rheingold showed up an it wuz verree eksitin fer me.


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