maine coon monday … missy mupps … mi frend

Posted: February 12, 2007 in Uncategorized

iz it ok to blog twice in one day?
yesturday i asked mi grate frend missy mupps (miss muppet frum catster) if i could feechur her in mi blog today.
she responded today sayin “yes” … an unlocked her pikshurz fer me to chooz mi favrit. dis iz mi pick!
missy mupps wuz one uv mi first frendz in catster an she haz alwayz been one uv mi familie’z bes frendz. az u can see, she iz verree byootiful. add dat to smart, charmin, an verree, verree sensitiv an u hav a first class cat. she jus told me dat she iz gonna be verree busy wid a pursonal bizness venchur … an wid her grammy hoo iz verree sick. dis leevez her little time fer catster bizness. i will miss mi grate frend verree much.
u mite notice dat missy mupps iz a maine coon. u mite also know dat da maine coonz an i hav had sumwut uv a race in da “top 100 cat sites”. i want u to know dat i would never hold dis against mi grate frend. shee’z da gratest maine coon i know an will alwayz be in mi hart!
luv–yer frend–jh
ps–mi mom did, in fact, teech wid dat mowth today! an, i am releeved to report, da swellin iz goin down. thanx fer yer concern! (i am laffin an laffin!)


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