mi grate frend daisy mae maus asked me to tell u dat she haz a 300th post contest on her blog. pleez vizit her to find owt more!

heer’z mi noo brudder matsui, pozin fer “spotty sunday”. hiz spotz ar like ink spotz. he lookz like ink iz runnin down hiz face.
maybe hee’z more like “splash sunday”.
i dunno.
wuddya think?
luv–yer frend–jh
ps–lookit doze eyez! heez vishus!

i jus red da followin abowt diffrent lookin kittenz in a litter in “cat pause”:
“Believe it or not, they probably all had different fathers! One of the more bizarre biological attributes of a female cat is that she can go into heat while she’s already pregnant. So a single litter of kittens can have more than one father.”
wow! i’m impressed.

#6 in da “top 100”? doze maine coonz mus be gettin tired!


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