"the boss" thursday an mi thursday thirteen

Posted: February 1, 2007 in bruce (the boss), catster, thursday thirteen, yankee cap

dis iz mi grate frend bruce (da boss). heez warin a yankee cap even tho hee’z frum grate brittin … an duzzen’t know dat much abowt da grate game uv baseball. hee’z a football (or, az we say in da u.s. uv a, soccer) fan.
bruce an hiz sistah bobbie are verree important catz on da catster. dey ar sumthin called “moderatorz” an dat meenz dey keep da catz in line in da forumz. evreecat luvz bruce an bobbie becuz dey ar so sweet.
i pursonallee luv dere mom an dad, too. dey hav come to vizit me in noo york frum da uk twice an dey are comin again soon! i think dere mom iz like a “cat wisperer” becuz shee reelee knowz howta comyoonicate wid da catz in dis howse. da storree iz dat da grate mom an dad uv bruce an bobbie met mi mom at a bruce springsteen concert las june. it wuz verree eksitin! we’re hopin dat bruce an bobbie will hide in dere sootcasez wen dey come to noo york in april!
bruce iz da grate bruce springsteen hizself in owr band … an bobbie iz da luvlee patti scialfa.
sumday we’ll get da band off da grownd.

in celebrashun uv mi frendz bruce an bobbie … heer’z mi thursday thirteen:

thirteen thingz we hav in noo york dat dey don’t hav in buckinghamshire

  1. da grate derek jeter
  2. a decent pustramee sandwich
  3. a verree tall buildin call da empire state buildin
  4. reedikyooluslee ekspensiv hotel roomz
  5. a verree rich mayor
  6. da grate billy joel
  7. cheep knock-off handbagz
  8. a grate baseball teem … make dat two grate baseball teemz
  9. howard stern
  10. taxi driverz dat don’t speek english
  11. a whole store fulluv hello kitty productz
  12. macy’z, bloomingdale’z, tad’s stake howse, an da tick-tock diner
  13. me … jh

luv–yer frend–jh


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