meezer monday

Posted: January 28, 2007 in Uncategorized

i asked one uv mi best frendz, da luvlee miss scootie patootie (mi #51) if she would mind if i put her on mi blog on meezer monday. she wuz delited an happee to say yes to me.

if u know anythin abowt catster u know dat scootie iz one uv da mos popyoolar catz dere. she iz kind an wunderful to all catz.

in dis pikshur, scootie iz warin a pink yankee cap. it wuz a thrill fer me to see her warin it!

if u wanna vizit a grate meezer … go to catster an vizit scooter. u will be glad u did!

luv–yer frend–jh

attention: noo blogger came lookin fer me dis mornin, jus like mi grate frendz kimo an sabi told me it would. k + s warned me to “back-up mi template” but i don’t know how to do dat! las nite i went to da “cat blog help” fer sum help frum skeezix … but dere wuzen’t word verificashun an i coulden’t ask da kwestchun! if yer reedin dis … pleez help me! thank u … yerz troolee–jh


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