thursday thirteen #8–word verificationz

Posted: January 17, 2007 in Uncategorized

thirteen “word verificationz” an wut i can make owtta dem:

1. sxbmuh–sox bring much happiness (dat’z fer u lilly lu!)
2. hpyonmo–help yerself on mousez
3. apuqfxxl–a purtee queen feelz xx-large
4. cmqdsqy–come queenz–dance sassy queenz you!
5. tpikg–tap into da keg
6. burgwr–burger war!
7. frefl–free flutez!
8. zckljzqk–zack learnz jazz quick
9. mluhv–marilu henner vizitz
10.tpfvtz–top favritz
11.fablrg–fabyoolus + large
12.wvynkfaf–wave yer neck free an far
13.mjlrivp–mister jeter luvz reedin idyllic valentine postz (wutz “idyllic“?)

mi mom went to see “babel” tonite. she sed it wuz grate … grate … grate … an brad pitt … hee’z not a cat … but hee’z verree good lookin.

luv–yer frend–jh


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