formerlee feral … still sumwut feral friday.

Posted: January 5, 2007 in Uncategorized

well … matsui iz da subject uv mi blog again. heer he iz hidin behind da toilet. az u may know … he haz left da reer uv da toilet an iz currentlee under da bed … again.
he duz come owt to eet an pee in da boks … but he iz not 100% happee in hiz noo surrowndinz.

purrsonallee i think he iz verree good lookin. i beleev he iz sumhow related to me … maybe a second cuzzin or sumthin.

i’m not too sure uv wut goez on durin da day … becuz i like to stay owtside until mi mom comez home … but i see sum uv doze cat toyz ar in diffrent pozishunz. maybe he playz a little.

thank u to all mi blogger frendz hoo commented on da choice uv namez fer mi noo brudder.

i do beleev dat matsui soots him jus fine!
luv–yer frend–jh

  1. Anonymous says:

    Since Matsui is so handsome, he MUST be related to you Jeter!

  2. Anonymous says:

    He is really REALLY cute! We like his coloring and his eyes. Hopefully he’ll get a little braver soon, but sometimes it does take a while.

  3. Anonymous says:

    He is furry handsome. I’m glad that you like your brother. I hope I like mine! And I hope Matsui comes out from unner the bed soon.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yep, we agress that Matsui is handsum. Daisy’s rite. He must be reelated to you Jeter.Purrrrrrrrrrrs,Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Pepi and Gree

  5. His got a blankie ixzaktly like MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think he’ll be waring a satin pink bathrobe beefore yoo know it!

  6. Anonymous says:

    He looks very cute. I’m sure he’ll come out a little more very soon. He’s just probably overwhelmed since everything is new.

  7. Hey Jeter,we fawt we wud come rownd an visit yer blog cuz we seen yoo commenting on sum blogs an we don’t no yoo yet. So we want to say hello, an we like yer noo brofurr Matsui

  8. Anonymous says:

    Well, Jeter, it looks like you’re having the same problems with Matsui as I’m having with my new brother, Clay. Clay doesn’t want to come out of the bedroom to play because the two times that he did, I attacked him. I didn’t mean to. I just got too excited. I know he comes out of there when I am on the front porch, cause when I come back in, I can smell him everywhere. Maybe we could give each other pointers on how to get together and play nicely with our new brothers.Taylor Hicks

  9. Kitikata-san says:

    Matsui is a very lucky kitty to have lots of toys to play with, even if you don’t see Matsui play with the toys. Matsui is a very purrty kitty too! Thank you for sharing such a cute picture!

  10. Matsui is VEERRY KEWT! When he comes owt frum under da bed, we’d lik to see mor pitchurs.

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