tabby tuesday

Posted: December 12, 2006 in Uncategorized

fer tabby tuesday … i decided to rite abowt sum memberz uv mi favrit teem … da noo york yankeez. behind me, an to yer left, iz mi favrit yankee … da grate an hansum derek jeter. he haz hiz arm in da air becuz da yankeez jus won a game. i am lyin on a offishul noo york yankee tee shirt. nex to me, an to yer rite, iz a bobble head uv da grate reggie jackson. mi mom rote a fan letter to him once after he had 3 home runz in a world seriez game. it wuz verree eksitin! nex to da bobble head iz a pikshur uv sum old-timerz …mister roger maris, mister yogi berra, an mi dad’z favrit … da grate mister mickey mantle … fer hoom mi brudder mickey wuz named! da pikshur haz da flash on it … so it’z hard to vyoo.
nun uv deez grate yankeez ar tabbiez … but i am … an i’m in da pikshur…wid mi eyez closed!
happee tabby tuesday!
luv–yer frend–jh

  1. Anonymous says:

    That is really cool, Jeter! I like hearin’ about your favorite team. That is neat that you have all that good stuff and memorabilia, too. You look super comfy with your things!

  2. My, you look quite rugged and manly in that pose!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hay Jeter hairs we got a chagle for you!! we will giff 10 dollors tords libby vet bills and 10 tords an amiaml shelter of you choeing if you get a piture of you wiff a red sox cap on but yet not any red sox hat a Pink red sox hat. We get the pink red sox hat and send it to you. Let us knowLilly Lu ( a huge boston red sox fan and we got Metizika today watch out for next year when the red sox take the world seieres)

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