thursday thirteen

Posted: November 30, 2006 in Uncategorized

thirteen reezonz why i like to walk on da roof:

1–i hav a good vyoo uv da street

2–climbin up da tree an on da roof iz sum good exercize fer me

3–i can sharpen mi clawz on da tilez

4–i feel like da king uv da world wen i’m up dere

5–i like to do wutever mi brudder mickey duz

6–it’z sumthin mi sistah kallie can’t do … and mi brudder whitey duzzen’t wanna do

7–i can see da “jeterbird” better

8–i can look into da den thru da skylite

9–i can hide frum any d-o-gz dat mite be walkin by mi howse

10–i can get a better tan (duhr … catz don’t tan! laffin!)

11–i can surprize mi mom wen sheez lookin fer me

12–i feel taller wen i’m on da roof

13–i like to walk on da roof becuz climbin in thru da bafroom window iz da best way to get in da howse!

an dat’z mi thursday 13 fer dis week.

yer frend–jh


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