thursday thirteen

Posted: November 23, 2006 in Uncategorized

heer ar da 13 thingz i’m thankful fer today:

1–mi dad hoo saved me wen i wuz a feral kitten

2–mi mom hoo gave me mi “voice”

3–mi brudder mickey hoo haz a grate tail

4–tuna juice

5–catster an all da grate frendz i hav dere

6–purina friskiez flaked “wid tuna an egg in sauce”(wen i can’t get da tuna juice)

7–da grate owtdoorz … an mi brudder whitey hoo taught me how to explore dem

8–da plaid chair i sleep on wen i’m restin in da howse

9–ted rheingold

10–mi sistah kallie (onlee becuz she’ll kill me if i don’t say her)

11–mi compyooter

12–mi givin tree an da way down frum da roof

13–mi blog


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