happee thanxgivin

Posted: November 22, 2006 in Uncategorized

i wuz thinkin uv makin a turkee fer da thanxgivin holiday. da turkee pikshured on da left seemz like a good one fer me to make.

i wanna wish all mi blogger frendz a happee thanxgivin … an may u get da turkee widowt da gravee … an widowt da stuffin … jus da turkee!

gobble gobble …

yer frend–jh

  1. THE ZOO says:

    happy thanksgiving to you too

  2. Keiser says:

    gobble gobble.do turkeys speak gobble-dee-gook?

  3. Happy Terkey Day to yoo, Jete’! I maled yoo a card, but it will probly git thare late becuz the Food Lady didn’t male it until Munday…. TERKEY TERKEY TERKEY!!!!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! I so thankful I have da grate Jeter Harris as a frend!

  5. And a Happy Turkey Day to all! Thanks for visiting, Jeter. We hope you’re enjoying the big parade today!~J&B

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