u mite az well meet da restuv mi familee

Posted: November 14, 2006 in Uncategorized

i figyer dat u mite wanna meet da restuv mi familee. to da left iz mi udder brudder, whitey ford. he iz a wite cat dat came to liv in mi howse a week befor mi brudder mickey. he iz uncomunicativ … he likes to eet owtside … he goze away fer sum dayz at a time … he likes to sleep az close to mi mom an dad az he can … hoo knowz wut heez gonna do nex! heez intrestin … but not az much fun fer me az mi brudder mickey. da pikshur underneeth iz uv mi sistah, kallie. i choze dis pikshur becuz she looks sweet. don’t be fooled. she iz old an crankee wen i’m arownd. she wuz a stray cat dat mi mom an dad fownd walkin on a roof in provincetown, a fun place in da cape cod, massachoozettz. sheez not too happee wid me … she ignorez mickey an whitey mos uv da time. sheez intrestin, too, i gess … but not neerlee az much fun fer me az mi brudder mickey.

so dat’z da restuv mi familee.

luv–yer frend–jh

  1. Kallie looks reely sweet – are yoo shur she’s kranky? Yoo don’t KNOW kranky till yoo’ve ixpeerienst my big bruther Mao’s brand of kranky!

  2. jeterharris says:

    an speekin uv yer grate brudder mao … i reelee luved reedin da food ladee’z tale uv devoshun.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I like meetin’ yer family! I am an only kitty and I don’t have any kitties in my house to play wif.

  4. jeterharris says:

    merl …we could hav a virchyooal playdate!

  5. You have a fine looking family, Jeter. Very interesting concept that virtual play date thing. Of course, with 4 of us here, there’s always someone to play with…or bother me is more like it!George

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