climbin in thru da bafroom window

Posted: November 12, 2006 in Uncategorized

sumthin i luv to do iz climb in thru da bafroom window. i learned dis trick frum mi brudder mickey. i climb up da tree nex to mi howse … walk on da roof … an, wen i’m reddee, i sit at da bafroom window an talk an talk until mi mom or mi dad letz me in da howse. dis iz a pikshur uv me comin in da bafroom. uzuallee sumone will help me in … but dis time “she” tricked me by takin mi pikshur.
luv–yer frend–jh

  1. RainCatGirl says:

    careful, that tile stuff is slippery……….woohoo……………vindaloo…..

  2. Keiser says:

    Jeter, you look like a cat burglar!! Laffin and laffin…

  3. jeterharris says:

    hey raincatgirl … u sed “woohoo vin-da-loo” an dere she iz … da grate keiser herself … da cat hoo first introdooced me to da word vindaloo!izzent life intrestin?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey, that’s pretty smart of you, jeter harris! But be careful!

  5. Jeet, yoo are vary smart to figyur that owt. No cat has EVER come in owr bathroom window! Whut’s woohoo vin-da-loo? It’s fun to say!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey that’s not fair to take your pickshur when yer just tryin’ to get inna house. Tickery, indeed!

  7. jeterharris says:

    fer yer infermashun … woo hoo vin da loo iz jus sumthin verree fun to say. i picked up on it one day wen i wuz reedin da grate blog uv mi frend keiser. her human wuz makin sumthin called “vindaloo” an it made me laff an laff! hmmm … maybe i’ll rite abowt it in mi blog!

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