mi guinea pig dilly

Posted: November 8, 2006 in Uncategorized

it haz been sum time since i rote abowt mi guinea pig dilly. mi pig (an grate frend) went to da rainbow bridge dis summer. it wuz a sad time fer me. dilly wuz a good frend. wen i wuz small he wuz da onlee one hoo played wid me in dis howse. he let me box wid him thru hiz cage. he let me try owt hiz cage wen mi mom wuz cleenin it. he skweeked at me all da time. i reelee luved him a lot. he wuz 8 yeerz old wen he left me. i miss him verree much.
dis one’z fer u dilly.
luv–yer frend–jh

  1. Merlin says:

    Oh, Jeter. I am sorry that your friend Dilly went to the Bridge. I know that you loved him a lot. But ya know what? He’s still yer friend and I bet he’s really havin’ a good time with other critters that haf gone to the Bridge. But I know you still miss him.

  2. THE ZOO says:

    ahhh what a good furriend. wes sorry hes passed.

  3. Luna says:

    First Post! Yeepee!So cute the little guinea pig Dilly!=^^=

  4. Dilly looks like a good frend. How do yoo git a ginny pig as a pet, becuz I think I’d like to have wun!

  5. jeterharris says:

    merl … i offen get messajez frum da udder side … dilly’z havin sum fun wid da udder departed creechurz.”the zoo” … tell me abowt yer name.luna … az guinea pigz go … dilly wuz verree hansum.skeez … u get da guinea pig by lettin yer human brudder know dat hiz guinea pig died … den he’ll getcha anudder guinea pig to keep in yer kichen.

  6. Mattingly says:

    He looks like he was a great friend. Do you have a new guinea pig friend now?

  7. Ikaika says:

    I remember you writing about Dilly in your Catster Diary, Jeter, about how he was your best friend and all. Now, he’s probably playing with my three kitty brothers across the Rainbow Bridge and looking down and smiling on you!And you know something, you’re getting very good at this blogging stuff! Looking great!Yr friend,’Kaika^..^

  8. Cute pic Jeter!Its us from Catster! Sweetie, Lemur & family. We’re here too. Welcome to the bloggie-ville. heehee

  9. jeterharris says:

    woo hoo … hi sweetie an lemur … mi mom iz currentlee instunt messajin da mom uv da grate bruce (da boss!) abowt da convenshun!!!! (laffin)matt … no … i don’t hav a noo guinea pig. nun could replase da grate dilly.ikaika … (u were da first!) thanx fer da compliment!

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