i am a stoodent

Posted: November 5, 2006 in Uncategorized

mi profile sez dat i am a stoodent. dis iz sumwut true. i am learnin abowt thingz all da time. mi brudder mickey taught me how to climb da tree nex to da howse … walk on da roof … and cry by da bafroom window until sumbuddee letz me in. it iz a verree effectiv meenz uv gettin in da howse. mi brudder whitey ford taught me how to travel arownd da nayborhood. he goez on overnite tripz fer dayz at a time. i hav gone on a fyoo overniterz miself. it iz verree disturbin to mi mom. speekin uv mi mom, she taught me how to yooz da compyooter. (dat’z a pikshur uv me waitin fer catster to come on da screen. i reelee enjoy ritin in mi diaree on da catster … an i am enjoyin ritin in dis blog.
now, speekin uv dis blog … i wanna giv mi frend skeezix da cat allotta thanx fer lettin me know abowt dis place. hiz blog iz highlee intrestin an i recommend it to enyone hoo can reed. i hope yer reedin dis now skeezix. i thank u frum da tip uv mi tail!

frum yer frend–jh

  1. Fat Eric says:

    Hi Jeter! I found you through Skeezix’s site. Always nice to meet another blogging kitty. Could you post a link to your Catster page? I am also on Catster.Come and visit my blog some time, I am a fat ginger kitty blogging in London.

  2. KC says:

    o, jeter harris, hi theres. jus finded ur’s bloggie. u mus be new.why don’t u do a post fur Formerly Feral Friday? Darling Millie started it, ‘n we gets a chance ta tells our stories, if’n we ‘members.anyways, nice ta meets u, i’ll be addin u to our linkies…

  3. THE ZOO says:

    your such a cutir jeter and obviously very smart.

  4. jeterharris says:

    hey eric … click on mi catster badge … it will take u to mi paje! london? iz dat in brooklyn?kc … formerly feral friday? i’ll take a look. i wuz a feral cat, u know!the zoo … wut kinda name iz “the zoo”? thanx fer sayin i’m smart! yer obviouslee verree smart, too!

  5. hi, jh! we are allus glad to meet new bloggin’ kitties!! welcome to our community!nels, ed, nitro, & xing

  6. Merlin says:

    Hi Jeter!I don’t get to go outside by myself. I been out in my stroller just one time. You sound furry brave.

  7. Merlin says:

    Hey, Jeter Harris, I saw your post on Catster about falling from the Top 100 cat sites… But your Top 100 banner isn’t clickable.. and the link on the Top 100 list goes to your profile, not your blog. Wonderin’ if changin’ those things might help your ranking?

  8. jeterharris says:

    merl … thanx fer da advice … i’m still lernin abowt dis bloggin stuff.i will giv it a try.jh

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