mi bes frend…reebok da grate

Posted: November 4, 2006 in Uncategorized

i hav made alotta frendz on da catster in da past yeer … but mi bes frend iz reebok da grate. (i added “da grate” part … hiz reel name iz jus “reebok”.)

we first became good frendz becuz … lookit him. he lookz like me! den we jus got to be better an better frendz … until it turned into da bes frendz.

owr bes time wuz on april foolz day. we pretendered dat we were white catz … an we went to da “pure white kitty club” dat mi brudder mickey iz in. we laffed an laffed … but nocat in da groop seemed to realize dat we were dere … an dat we were reelee tabbiez!

notice dat reeb iz warin a noo york yankeez baseball cap. even tho he livez in california … he iz nice enuff to ware da cap uv mi favrit teem.

i luv reeb.

luv–yer frend–jh

  1. kattonic says:

    Wow Jeter, I thot the picshur of Rebok wuz u! brudders can be fun, sisfurs too. I gots a twin too, his name iz bubbles.Speedy

  2. Wow! It looks like yoo and Reebok were separaytid at berth or sumthing! I can’t tell yoo apart. Do yoo know if he livs by my howse, or by Rosie and Cheeto — becuz we liv in Callyfornya too!

  3. What great friends you are! Good thing he’s not an Oakland fan.It looks like his ear wants to come out of the cap. Cute!~J&B

  4. jeterharris says:

    hey kattonic … i wish da grate reeb wuz mi brudder! heez mi bes frend on da catster. why doncha vizit us by clickin on mi catster badge.skeez … yer funnee. reeb iz in san jose. do u know da way to san jose? how’z mr. tinydik?j an b … wutz oakland? iz it a basketball teem? (laffin)

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