mi brudder mickey mantle

Posted: November 3, 2006 in Uncategorized

i hav two brudderz an one sistah. mi brudderz ar mickey mantle an whitey ford. mi sistah iz kallie.
i havta say dat mi brudder mickey iz mi favrit. he haz a terrific tail dat i like to swat on occashun. he likez to eet alot an i luvta lissen to him snort wile he eetz. da bes thing abowt mi brudder mickey iz dat he iz a grate boxer. i jus luv it wen he an i get into da boxin mode. i put up mi pawz an he putz up hiz. i giv him a rite jab an a left hook an he duz da same. dis goez on fer sum time until he getz tired an startz to cry. i laff an laff an chase him arownd … den i get tired, too. dis iz a pikshur uv mi brudder mickey an me boxin in da back yard las summer. notice hiz hind leg pushin me away. da referee dident like dat one!
yer frend–jh

  1. Sophie says:

    Brothers can be lots of fun!I like reading your blog, Jeter!

  2. jeterharris says:

    thanx sophie … an yer dad iz a grate soccer player!

  3. Sophie says:

    Well, he looks great in a soccer outfit, anyway! Hehehe!!I hope you’ll top the chart soon.Purrs,Sophie

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