sumthin abowt me

Posted: October 29, 2006 in Uncategorized

sumthin abowt me …

i reelee like da yankeez an espeshullee da grate derek jeter.

dis pikshur wuz taken by mi mom.
i let her take it wid da promis uv tuna juice.
i got da juice … she got da shot.

i don’t like to dress up … dis wuz a eksepshun.

frum–yer frend–jh

  1. Keiser says:

    I found you Jeter!

  2. Mattingly says:

    Jeter I really think that is a fantastic hat. Where did your people get it? It has ear holes and everything? I really need one of those. Please let me know where to get one!

  3. So, this Derek Jeter guy was obviously named after you, right? Good of you to cooperate with the hat thing. I wouldn’t let my Mom put a hat on me even if I got a whole can of tuna water and didn’t have to share with the other cats here.George

  4. Merlin says:

    Hi Jeter! I like that hat. I don’t have any hats… That’s something I’ll have to look into.

  5. So whut if she gave yoo a Yankees warm-up jakkit to ware? Wood yoo poze fer that?

  6. Ikaika says:

    You wear that Yankees cap very well, Jeter. I’ll bet it was worth letting your Mom put it on you to get some tuna juice!! I’d do just about anything myself for some tuna juice!Yr friend,’Kaika^..^

  7. jeterharris says:

    hmmmm …. i jus fownd all yer commentz!ah ha keiser! now i’m a blogger like u!matt’–yer mom can get a cap like mine at da place called “build a bear” … if u need sum help … let me know.skeezix–ware’z yer cap … an maybe i would ware a jacket. i’ll giv it a try!yup, george … dj wuz named after me!merl … if u hadda told me i would be warin a cap i woulda sed … no way. da tuna juice got to me!ikaika … don’t ever ferget … u were da first one!

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